The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad


The Messenger of Allah

The Mother Plane was made to destroy this world of evil and to show the wisdom and mighty power of the God Whom came to destroy an old world and set up a new world.

The nature of the new world is righteousness. The nature of the new world cannot be righteousness, as long as unrighteousness is in its midst.

The same type of plane was used by the Original God to put mountains on His planets.

Allah (God) Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, is wiser than any god before Him as the Bible and the Holy Qur’an teach us. He taught me that this place will be used to raise mountains on this planet (earth). The mountains that He will put on this earth will not be very high. He will raise these mountains to a height of one (1) mile over the United States of America.

This reminds us of the prophet’s prediction of this time of the destruction of the old world and the bringing in of a new world: “Behold, the Lord, maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth aborad the inhabitants thereof.” (Bible Is. 24:1)

There are planes in various nations today, but this is the mother of them all.

Why? Because this type of plane was used before the making of this world.

Why should God make such a sign of His power to destroy a nation? Because this is the final destruction of that people who have opposed God in His purpose and aims for Justice and Righteousness.

The white race is not a people who were made righteous and then turned to unrighteousness; they were made unrighteous by the god who made them (Mr. Yakub).

Allah (God) Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, taught me that this Plane is capable of reaching a height of forty miles above the earth. His words could have been a sign meaning forty years, in which the Plane would go into action and not referring actually to forty miles. Allah (God) does not speak one word that does not have meaning. Every word that He speaks has meaning.

The Mother Plane, according to what has been described of it by the devil scientists, is capable of not only staying up for long periods of time; but it is also capable of eluding the scientists. They want to attack and destroy it; but if a plane did get close enough to attempt to carry out this purpose, it would be destroyed instead. The white man has learned that this is not a place to be played with. Planes come out of the Mother Plane.

In the 1930’s Canadian newspapers reported that they saw the wheel (Mother Plane). It came down out of the sky. They admitted that it looked like a great city, and that something came down from it; it appeared to be a tube, but the tube-like thing went back up again.

Allah (God) Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, taught me that after six months to a year, the Mother Plane comes into the gravity of the earth. It takes on oxygen and hydrogen in order to permit it to stay out of the earth’s gravity until it needs refueling again.





Ezekiel saw the Mother Plane in a vision. According to the Bible, he looked up and saw this Plane (Ez. 1:16) and he called it a wheel because it was made like a wheel. A Plane that is wheel-shaped can turn in any direction, at any time. He admitted that the Plane was so high that it looked dreadful, and he cried out, “O wheel” (Ez. 10:13).

Ezekiel saw great work going on in the wheel and four living creatures “and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.” (Ez. 1:16). And when the living creatures went, the wheels went with them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels, were lifted up Ez. 1:19. The power of the lifting up of the four creatures was in the wheel.

The four creatures represents the four colors of the original people of the earth.

There are five great powers of the nations of the earth. These five Powers are the Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and white. Of the four Original Powers, the Red is not an equal Power. The vision shows the four creatures being lifted up from the earth. When the wheel was lifted up, they were lifted up and when the wheel stood, they stood. This means that they waited upon the movement of the wheel.

In Ezekiel’s vision concerning the wheel, he said that he heard the voice of one tell the other to take coals of fire and to scatter it over the cities; this means bombs. It could mean fire too, however. The Plane is to drop bombs which would automatically be timed to burrow quickly to a position of one mile below the surface of the earth where they are timed to explode.

Allah (God) taught me that these bombs are not to be dropped into water. They are to be dropped only on the cities. It will be the work of the wheel. The wheel is the power of the four creatures, namely the four colors of the Black man (Black, brown, yellow and red). The red Indian is to benefit also from the judgement of the world.

We must remember that God comes to separate from the righteous that which is hindering the righteous from making progress and to destroy the effect of the poison of that which has opposed the righteous. The effect of the poison will be fully destroyed after the destruction of the source of the poison, which as poisoned the righteous.

It is like one being bitten by a rattlesnake. Quickly medication is administered in order to minimize the effect of the poison upon flesh and blood until a complete cure is effected; and the patient recuperates and is well again.

It is useless to try to ignore Ezekiel’s vision of the wheel, for the make and the destructive work of the wheel was foretold before it came to pass.

The disbeliever believes that which he sees present and not that which is prophesied to come. That is why he is the loser and takes the course to hell, because he disbelieves in that which is prophesied to come about a particular day.

This is what the enemy is trying to do today with the Black Man. He is fascinating him with sport and play and indecency and the doing of evil to keep him from going to the God Who is present.

You never thought the day would come when you would see your wife, mother and old grey-haired women walking down the street today, half-nude. A few years ago they would not have dared to come out into the public like that. But now they do so because the devil has put his approval on this kind of attire. They desire to please the devil. They do whatever the devil bids them to do. The devil desires to take the Black man with him to his doom.

Let us not classify the prophets as liars and ignore their prophecies for we may cause our self-destruction through belief in the devil instead of belief in the God of Righteousness.

There is no known equal of the Mother Plane. This is the reason why she is called the Mother Plane.

The Mother Plane is made for the purpose of destroying the present world. She has no equal.

Do not marvel at the make of this plane, since it is from the God Who made the universe of floating planets and stars which are supported only by the Power of Allah in their rotation in their orbits.

Allah (God) Whom came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, taught me that the Mother plane is a little human-made planet. Is it not simple for Allah (God) to make a new planet if He wants to?

The Mother Plane is capable of staying out of the earth’s gravity for a whole year. He is capable of producing her own sphere of oxygen and hydrogen, as any other planet is able to do.

The Mother Plane carries the same type of bomb on her that our Black scientists dropped on the planet earth to bring up mountains out of the earth after the planet earth was created.

The knowledge of how to do this has not been given to the world (white race), nor will they ever get this kind of knowledge. The knowledge of the world is limited. If the devil would get this type of knowledge we could just say that we are goners. However, they are not able to attain this type of knowledge.

What does a six day old baby (white race) look like trying to compete with a six year old child (Black Nation)? For the six year old child can run all out in the yard and play. He can eat solid food. The power of the six day old baby is limited.

The knowledge and power of this world’s life (white race) is limited. The world of the white man was made from what he found and what he has seen and learned from the work of the original Black man. The white race is far from being able to equal the power and wisdom of the original Black man.

The Mother Plane and her work is a display of the power of the mightiest God, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever. Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, is the Wisest and Best Knower; He is the Mightiest of Them All.

“O wheel,” says the prophet Ezekiel. She was so high up in the sky that she looked dreadful.

She is capable of staying away from you who plan the destruction of her. She is capable of confusing you who would try to reach her with your means of destruction.

There are scientists on the Mother Plane who know what you are thinking about before the thought materializes (Holy Qur’an Ch. 50:16). Therefore, it is impossible to try to attack the Mother Plane. She can attack you, but you cannot attack her.

The Mother Plane can hide behind other stars and make herself invisible to the eye because she does not have to wait on a power from the earth. She can produce her own power to go wherever she desires to go in space.

The Mother Plane is not like your little bullets or cameras which are powered by your limited power.

The Bible prophesies that today Allah (God) wishes to make known to use that He is God. He wishes to be respected as the superior God. He wishes all life in the universe to know that He is the greatest.

The Muslim recognizes Allah (God) to be the greatest. He always repeats “Thou art the greatest. There is no god Like unto Thee, None deserves to be served or worshipped besides thee.”

O mighty wheel. I repeat, that there is plenty of significance to the make of the Mother Plane. There is much significance to the course of operation of her work.

Space here in this book is limited, but what Allah (God) taught me concerning the Mother Plane could be put into book-form.

O wheel, made to rock the earth and to heave up mountains upon the earth. O wheel, destroyer of nations. No wonder the prophet Isaiah prophesied that the “earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard…” (Bible; Is. 24:20).

Let us seek refuge in Allah (God) from the destructive work to come from this Mother of planes.


  1. bruce geza Says:

    may allah bless the black man forever


    […] The idea of seeking the divine in the skies is deeply rooted in the Chicago-based Nation of Islam, whose late leader Elijah Muhammad detailed in speeches and writings a massive hovering object loaded with weapons he called “The Mother Plane.” […]

  3. chrisbezee Says:

    all prasie are due to allah

  4. Eric Moore el Says:

    I am a witness to a baby plane. Allah u akbar. If it wasn’t for abdul Malik Kabar. The Teachings of noble drew Ali and the messenger elijah Muhammad. I would still be mentally blind.

  5. Mordecai_7 Says:


    Minister Louis Farrakhan ran a near 60 part series in the Final Call News entitled “The Time And What Must Be Done.” At no point during this series did he (Minst Farrakhan) tell the Original Black Nation of the impending doom of America and what must be done so that you, the so-called Negro, do not become victims of the divine wrath of Allah which is intended for the Devil (White race) and those who cling to him (the Devil).

    In a Muhammad Speaks article entitled: Reparations For Slavery, Americas Destruction Is At Hand, Brother Kamal Akram stated the following:

    The Honorable Silis Muhammad’s work is divine. To explain what I mean, let me introduce you to the name Joshua. It means “saviour.”

    As you may know, Joshua of the Bible physically led the Children of Israel (Black people) out of Egypt (America) before destructive plagues hit.

    But the Honorable Silis Muhammad is not the only one fulfilling divine prophecy, as he has previously revealed that:

    The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the Moses who spoke face to face with Almighty Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad (to whom all honor and praise is forever due). Note: A Moses of the Bible did not exist 4000 years ago. The prophetic character of Moses would be the only prophet in scripture to speak with God face to face in 1930.

    The roles of John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary were fulfilled by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad on page 127 of Message to the Blackman in America even said that he was the woman in Revelations 12:1 giving birth to a Nation.

    The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is Aaron of the scriptures (Bible and Holy Qu’ran) and the spokesperson of prophetic Moses (the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad).

    Genesis Chapter 15, 12-14 states, “As the sun was setting, Abraham fell into a deep sleep, and a thick and dreadful darkness came over him. Then the Lord said to him. Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own, and they will be enslaved and mistreated for 400 years. But I will punish the nation they serve as slaves, and afterwards they will come out with great possessions.” (Scofield Study Bible)

    This without a doubt describes Black people in America. We are the Children of Israel, the Chosen of God, Allah.
    Four hundred years of slavery occurred.

    Allah, Master Fard Muhammad found us, the Lost Sheep, in our sojourn from Africa in servitude to America.
    The judgment of America occurred.

    Almighty God (Isaiah 9:6) raised up Moses in the person of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to teach us for 40+ years. Joshua appeared in the person of the Honorable Silis Muhammad.

    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad predicted “plagues” would take place in America before the Exodus as a sign to you and me. He knew what would happen, because he was taught day and night by Almighty God face-to-face for 3 1/2 years. Anyone can see evidence of these events in scripture.

    The only part of prophecy left to unfold is America’s punishment, which is now occurring.

    America shows signs of collapse everyday with the Great Recession that began in 2008. Her morals as a society continue to decline. Children kill children in violence within her inner cities. And her incurable debt– now approximately $17 trillion–will soon cause hyper-inflation.

    It will worsen after Joshua, the Honorable Silis Muhammad, leads Afrodescendants out of America. The scriptures do predict that we will leave with reparations. Therefore, the Honorable Silis Muhammad in his divine guidance is once again correct in having demanded reparations, for this will be the “great substance” with which we will leave America.

    After our Exodus, plague after plague will strike America for an entire year…day and night. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, brush fires in Colorado and California, and killer tornados in the south and midwest are only dress rehearsals for what will happen in America after the Chosen of God (those who have joined with the Lamb of God, the Honorable Silis Muhammad) leave America.

    Remember! After the Children left the land of bondage, the plagues hit Egypt. Of course, this never happened in history, but is predicted to happen right here in America because this is the land of bondage and America is the government that enslaved us.

    Babylon, too, is America in your Bible. And all of Babylon’s plagues came in one day, which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught means one year.

    America will pay for the 310 years of free labor that she stole, for the murdering and lynching of innocent brothers and sisters, for raping sisters and brothers, for kidnapping millions from Africa to be forced in to servitude slavery, and for the over 400+ years of injustice.

    After the Exodus, you will see earthquakes in America never seen since man has been on the planet, more storms, floods, and tornados, the total collapse of the U.S. dollar, another civil war, and a race war.

    The Bible tells of Babylon (America) turning into a lake of fire. And according to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad , America will burn for approximately the same length of time that we were enslaved some 400 years.

    The Honorable Silis Muhammad loves you and wants you to leave so that you can experience heaven. During his Saviour’s Day 2010 address, he said “I would not tarry in American past 2015.”

    The Honorable Silis Muhammad has also set up the government with which the Children of Israel were predicted to leave the land of bondage. The Lost-Found Nation of Islam under Joshua’s direction has a President, a Vice President, a presidential cabinet, a Judiciary and a Congress with a House of Representatives and a Senate. That is the meaning of the phrase “Nation of Islam”.

    And according to scripture, it will last forever. So if 95% of the prophecy has already occurred, what would make anyone think that the last 5% won’t take place? Blackman, woman and child, save yourself!

    Get a passport ASAP and get your mind ready to Exodus out of America. There is no future for Black People, Afrodescendants, in America.

    2. Flock to the nearest mosque under the leadership of the Honorable Silis Muhammad to receive further information on what to do and where to go. Bring your skills and education so that we can continue building a Nation of righteousness for ourselves upon exiting America.

    You want to be on the right side of the prophecy and history. Make yourself ready to leave America before it is too late.
    People have always said that we are in the “last days.” Yes, the last days of America are here.

    Join the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, the government for Afrodescendants that was predicted to be your only salvation in the last days of America. Babylon the Great is Fallen!

    Minister Farrakhan DID NOT MAKE ANY OF YOU AWARE OF THIS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Brother Akram went on to say:

    There are no such identities as African-American, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Colombian, Afro-Brazilian or similar anymore.

    The United Nations recognized descendants of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade as Afrodescendants in 2003. Thanks to Mr. Silis Muhammad, Chief Executive Officer of All for Reparations & Emancipation and the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, we’ve received recognition internationally. For the first time in over 400 years, we have named ourselves.

    That means that we can now move forward with receiving reparations for 400 years of back-breaking labor performed by our foreparents. America and Europe did enrich themselves from the labor of Black slaves kidnapped from Africa. And since these recipients of free labor don’t want to pay reparations willingly, the European world and America are in trouble today.

    It’s common knowledge that the American government is the most hated government on the planet, and Israel is right behind them. And at the time of this writing, America is over $14 trillion in debt, on the brink of defaulting. Europe, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Britain are also having financial problems….with debt soaring into the billions. America has seen her best days. The lifestyle that you once knew will never be the same.

    Since uncontrollable debt equals hyperinflation, bringing about a gross devaluation of the currency, a loaf of bread could one day cost you $200. Double digit unemployment will become a way of life. The cost to borrow money will be 5 to 6
    times higher.

    We’ve already witnessed the destruction of America’s middle class. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. IT’S GOING TO GET A LOT WORSE!!!

    Since the Great Recession began in 2008, the rich have quietly transferred their wealth out of America. Economically, politically, morally and educationally, America has fallen and is finished.

    Afrodescendants, Black Americans were told of the fall of America over 50 years ago by the Last Messenger of God Himself, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him) (See “A Message to the Blackman in America” and “The Fall America”). And every single prediction made about America’s fall has come true or is coming true. America is past the point of repair.

    As a result, if you expect to have a future for yourself, family and children, make plans to leave America.
    Numerous scriptural stories exist that warn people to leave a land before coming plagues and destruction struck. It’s the same today. Elijah Muhammad predicted the fall of America, because she refused to give justice to her once slave, now known as Afrodescendants.

    Although Afrodescendants are over 250 million strong, America, the scriptural beast, leads the campaign to oppose the payment of reparations.

    Since this is so, tornadoes, heat waves, snow, rain storms, floods and hurricanes will worsen. Earthquakes will occur in locations within America where they haven’t before.

    If you are conscious enough to see what’s happening and want to save yourself and family, here are your options:

    1) Attend Lost-Found Nation of Islam meetings. Just as the name implies, a Nation and government has been formed for Afrodescendants. This government has a President, a Congress and a Judiciary, along with an Afrodescendant Constitution. As the American government falls, you have the opportunity to join your own Nation that was predicted for you over 15,000 years ago. This is your best option. You’ll interact with likeminded others–making it easier for us to create an economy of our own.

    2) Make plans to move to a Caribbean island or another country outside of America. You’ll need to get a passport ASAP. Your plans might also include learning another language, getting a second degree or learning a new skill to make yourself more marketable. Just make sure you do your due diligence on the economy, currency and opportunities in your chosen country to successfully make your exodus.

    3) Stay in America and hope that white politicians/people will fix everything and eventually treat you as their equal. This is actually the worst choice. Times may become so dire in America that whites could possibly hunt Blacks for food, as portrayed in the movies, “The Road” and the “Book of Eli”. Plagues predicted to hit America will destroy its economy and there will be famine, starvation and mass homelessness. Just like Jews were scapegoats in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s, Black people, gays, the elderly and other “outcasts” will be made scapegoats in the near future (Listen to the latest language used by the Tea Party). There is no future for anyone in America, especially Afrodescendants.
    The Honorable Silis Muhammad stated in his 2010 Saviors Day Address, “I would not tarry in America past 5 years.” We are now half way through 2011, which means that you have approximately 3 1/2 years to make exodus out of America.

    After the death of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1975, the Children of Israel were to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. 1975 + 40 years is 2015. Eastern religious scholars have concluded that the judgment of the wicked (And no one has been more wicked than the white world who have raped Africa of her resources, killed 25 million Native Americans, enslaved the ancestors of Afrodescendants for 400 years without a payday, which also included lynchings, rapes of Afrodescendant women, men and children, and 146 years of discrimination after slavery), would begin as early as 1,380 years after Prophet Muhammad of Arabia’s death in 632 A.D. (peace be upon him). Add 1,380 years to 632 and you get 2012.

    America is finished. Make plans to be a part of a new government, move to another country or take your chances in the good old U.S. of A.

    P.S. Please share this notice with as many Afrodescendants as you see fit.

    For further information contact
    Commissioner Kamal Akram
    Muhammad’s Mosque
    3040 Campbellton Rd., S.W.
    Atlanta, Georgia 30311

    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him) told us of the impending destruction of America. It has been no different to us than it was to the people of ancient Babylon or those of Sodom & Gomorah. No different than it was to the people in the time of Noah who thought that the end would never come, because they were not aware of THE TIME IN WHICH THEY LIVED. They did not have knowledge of THE TIME. The following is what The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah had to say on the issue of TIME.

    Our Saviour Has Arrived
    By Elijah Muhammad, (1974)

    Chapter 3
    Knowledge of Time

    1 If only the American so-called Negroes had knowledge of the
    time in which we now live, they would accept Islam at once; for it is
    just the acceptance of Islam which will bring the so-called Negroes
    the things they desire; good homes, money, and friendship in all
    walks of life. This is the time that they should enjoy such heaven, the Time of God. They are really chosen by God to be His people, and not the Jews nor white Christians. It is you, the American so-called Negro, but it is just you who are blind, deaf, and dumb to the
    knowledge of the Time of your salvation and the judgment and death of your enemies.

    2 Remember the story of Moses and his people. Jehovah said to
    Moses: “I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in
    Egypt, and I have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows” (Ex. 3:7). Jehovah had seen and heard the
    afflicitions and cries of His people while His people were yet dumb
    to the knowledge of Him, for they called not on Him. They
    worshipped the gods of Pharaoh and his people and not Jehovah Who was the God of their fathers. Jehovah had not represented Himself as being the God of Pharaoh and his people. It was to the slaves of Pharaoh and the slaves’ fathers that Jehovah, their God, was to show mercy and deliverance.

    3 Pharaoh was against Jehovah and His religion and the people of
    Jehovah who were his slaves. So it is and Allah’s true religion of
    Islam. But it is time that the mentally dead Negroes, who are afflicted daily by the evil hand of white America, should be delivered and given freedom, justice, and equality and a land that they can call their own. Day and night their cries go up into the ear of Allah, the God of our people (the Muslims).

    4 We cannot hope for justice from the devils when by nature there
    is none in them. All the day long the Negroes are mistreated. If Allah and I, His servant, will not stand up for them, who shall stand up for them? You, by far, are unable to do so; for you know not God. The devils have you afraid and worshipping that which you know not. Fear not and come follow me and God will love you and will set you in heaven at once while you live.

    5 Jehovah told Moses to go first to the elders of Israel and say to
    them: “The Lord your God (not Pharaoh’s) the God of your fathers,
    He has appeared unto me saying, “I have surely visited you and have seen that which is done unto you in Egypt (America)” (Ex. 3:16). But the elders would not even meet with Moses, only by way of disputation.

    Chapter 5

    1 If you who disbelieve in the Truth would only consider the time
    in which we now live, you would bear witness that it is the very
    truth from your God that I am teaching. Just when should we expect Truth to be triumphant? The answer is. after the removal of

    2 The Time referred to in this book is the time of the present world
    as Allah (God) has revealed it. This time covers a period of six
    thousand years. It began from the day that the first white person was made which was in the year nine thousand of our calendar history.

    3 This date is taken from the beginning of the present cycle of
    world history writings by 24 black scientists of which only 23
    actually do the writing, and the 24th one acts as judge of the
    writings of the other 23. This takes place once every 25 thousand
    years. In this history is written everything that will come to pass for
    the next 25 thousand years.

    4 The original scriptures of the Bible and Holy Qur’an were taken
    from it and revealed by word of mouth and inspiration to prophets.
    We are now in the 16th thousand year of this cycle and have nine
    thousand, nine hundred and fifty six years to be finished before the
    next cycle. But we are not concerned with that which the present
    time holds for us. A thorough knowledge of the time and changes to
    be made is the important factor for you and me.

    5 The time given to the white race (Yakub’s grafted people) to rule
    the world is between the ninth and fifteenth thousandth year of our
    cycle of 25 thousand years which is six thousand years.

    6 This time expired in 1914. A few years of grace have been given
    to complete the resurrection of the Black man, and especially the socalled Negroes whom Allah has chosen for the change (a new nation and world). They (so-called Negroes) have been made so completely mentally dead by the enemy (white race) that the extra time is allowed.

    7 The time (six thousand years) ruled by the white race has been
    the worst of our known history; a time of complete trouble-making,
    war, bloodshed, and death of both the righteous and the wicked as
    never before. Therefore, the black nation and our God, Who is the
    Originator of the universe, have decided to remove the
    troublemakers from our planet Earth, as there is no way of the black nations getting along in peace with this wicked, grafted race known as the white race. They have flooded the nations with deceit and divisions.

    8 The time now has arrived for plain truth, wherein you shudder
    and call the truth a lie and call falsehood the truth. This is due to
    your being reared and taught by the deceiver! But your disbelief in
    the truth will not hinder its progress, for it is the Time of Truth and
    this Truth is in our favor.

    9 The white race progressed under falsehood for the past four
    thousand years because it was given to them. Now, that time has
    expired and the time of truth and righteousness again will rule. The
    interval of six thousand years of evil and falsehood makes the
    average person think that the original black nation was never
    anything worthwhile. Consider the time!

    10 Most surely man is in loss except those who believe and do
    good and enjoin on each other truth (Holy Qur’an 103:1-3). The time of the white race is divided into three periods of two thousand years each. The first two thousand years was the period between Yakub, the father and grafter of the white race, to the birth of Musa (Moses) to the birth of Isa (Jesus), the last Great Prophet to the white race. The third two thousand year period is from the birth of Isa (Jesus) to the coming of Allah, often referred to by the Christians as. “The coming of God, the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of Man”, or the “second coming of Jesus.” In Islam, it is referred to as the “Coming of the Great Madhi, the coming of Allah” to the birth of Muhammad.

    Whatever you think of this, or don’t think of this it will not change what is coming. It is very near on the horizon.

    In the book of Revelations at 18:4 we are given the warning:

    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not
    partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    The Honorable Silis Muhammad loves you and wants you to leave so that you can experience heaven. During his Saviour’s Day 2010 address, he said “I would not tarry in American past 2015.”


  6. Derrick Jordan Says:

    APDTA swing low sweet chariot, take me home!

  7. Renenutet7 Says:

    I totally agree and Allahu Akbar!!!

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