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December 16, 2012

“My name is Brother Clarence X.  I’m a member of The Nation of Islam and a lifelong resident of the City of Cleveland. I’m a student in The Ministry Class of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under Minister Eric Muhammad of Muhammad’s Temple # 15 in Atlanta, GA.” With these words, the fiery, young Minister in the making began what would be a two and a half minute presentation that would rock the community forum, the second in as many weeks following the Brutal Police Lynching of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, organized by The NAACP at Shaw High School in the City of East Cleveland Ohio and which drew a crowd of nearly 200 people.

Mr. Russell and Ms. Williams were passengers in a vehicle that led Police on “a high speed chase” through the City of Cleveland, ending at a middle school in East Cleveland where they were shot by Police a total of 47 times and killed. Mr. Russell was hit 23 times and Ms. Williams 24 times, according to reports. 13 police officers (12 white and 1 Hispanic) fired a total of 137 shots at the vehicle killing the unarmed couple and riddling the vehicle with bullets.

Since then, The NAACP has held two community forums to provide an angry and saddened Black community with answers to their many unanswered questions. The first forum was held in the basement of Abyssinia Baptist Church in the City of Cleveland and drew a crowd of at least 100 people. Among the groups represented at the forum were The New Black Panther Party For Self Defense, Peace In The Hood, Black On Black Crime, The NAACP, The Nation of Islam, and others whose names were not available at the time of the writing of this article. Family members of Mr. Russell and Ms. Williams were also in attendance as well as many rank and file community members who just wanted answers. Of the many who expressed themselves on the issue at the first of the two forums, Brother Clarence X stood out as the most militant, radical, and uncompromising of the speakers. Coverage of the forum, including the Brother’s remarks, has run on TV20’s station in Cleveland daily since the event.

Curiously, though the same thing could be said about the young Nation of Islam Spokesman’s remarks at the second forum, his remarks are conspicuously absent from the coverage so far obtained from media outlets present at the forum. This is why we must tell our own story. We cannot allow the so-called “main stream media” to determine which of those who fight for us they will present to us that we might make a more intelligent decision as to whom we shall listen to and follow.  We can no longer allow the white press to assist in the hand picking of our leaders and spokespersons who will command the attention and garner the support of our suffering masses of people.

All Praise Is Due To Allah, Who Came In The Person of Master Fard Muhammad, For His Messenger The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that Messenger Muhammad is still producing from his weighty word strong, young, bold, and uncompromising balls of fire that will come to the defense of our people when and wherever the situation demands!