The Honorable Chief Sundiata Keita Kamara delivering keynote address at this year’s Garvey Day celebration held this past Saturday August 18, 2007 at The Soul Vegetarian Resaurant in Atlanta, GA.

By the time he rose to speak, there was standing room only in the conference room of The Soul Vegetarian Restaurant located in Atlanta’s historical West End. The crowd, which flowed out into the rear hallway of the building, had come for this years Garvey Day celebration. The event was held on Saturday August 18, 2007. It was sponsored by The Sankore African Study Circle, in conjunction with The U.N.I.A.-ACL (Div. 462). The keynote address was given by The Honorable Chief Sundiata Keita Kamara. Chief Kamara, who heads both groups, is becoming increasingly well known for his organizing in Atlanta’s grassroots community.


This year’s event was hosted by Ras Kofi of radio station WRFG and moderated by the lovely Sheriese Nicole of Itiopi International. There were performances by the beautiful and talented “Blackend Light” and the talented children of “The Bashir Family.” Both performances were a fitting opening to what would be an inspiring evening of Black Love and Unity.

The event featured a panel of speakers and the list, topped by Minister Eric Muhammad, included such spokesmen as Sobukwe Shukura of the (All African People’s Revolutionary Party), Minister Server of (The Temple of Hip-Hop), Argus Milton (spokesman for Gerald Rose of New Order), Minister Najee Muhammad (New Black Panther Party), and Ras Kofi of RHAWPAM (Rhaw-Network of the Pan African Movement).

In Brother Sobukwe’s opening address, he stated that “Garvey exists because of us” and went on to explain that it is Garvey’s ideas  which are most important and not the man. He further stated that Garvey was “an example of the height of our people’s resistance” to oppression. Minister Eric Muhammad followed stating that “Marcus Garvey was one of the most key Black leaders to walk among us. He explained how Marcus Garvey touched the lives of many individuals, organizations, and even nations. Realizing Atlanta’s Civil Rights heritage, he pointed out Garvey’s influence on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Minister Eric closed his remarks stating that Marcus Garvey was the father of Black Nationalism in America, that he shook white America and the white supremacist world, and that he (Minister Eric) was a firm believer in Black Power, Black Nationalism, and Pan-Africanism. Though he spoke only 5 minutes, his address was on two occasions interrupted with the audience’s applause. Minster Server spoke next explaining that “we are at war right now.” He pointed out that the war is between hip-hop culture, which he said was African based and had been since 1972, and the hip-hop industry, rap music, Viacom, and Clear Channel. He stated “right in the middle of the war are our children.” He spoke of the event’s theme “One God… One Aim… One Destiny” and how the true meaning of Hip-Hop (Higher Infinite Power for the Healing Of our People) is in line with that theme. Next came New Order spokesman Argus Milton who pointed out that Marcus Garvey was a man of action and not mere words. He said Marcus Garvey was ahead of his time and that he was one of the few leaders who’s words he trusted to lead him on his journey as a servant of the Black Struggle. He ended his remarks stressing the need to carry on Garvey’s legacy with actions and not just words. Ras Kofi followed pointing out that the missing ingredient in the total liberation of “African People” was those in the room. He explained the need for “Africans” of the world to “approach” us (their brothers and sisters in America) and that the information they receive of us from our enemies is so negative that it causes them to fear doing so. He spoke of Marcus Garvey’s importance to the African independence movement that brought the nations of Africa to political independence. He briefed the audience on several developments coming out of conferences held recently in Africa and Jamaica and encouraged us to strengthen the bonds of African brotherhood here in America. Next came Minister Najee Muhammad who fired up the audience opening with chants of Black Power!… Black Power!… Black Power!!! He taught on the Red, Black, and Green explaining the meaning of the colors. He likened Garvey’s prophetic words “look for me in the whirlwind” to the many natural disasters striking America today. Minister Najee spoke powerfully to the need for us to bring back the strong Black Militant spirit that dwelled in the many warriors for our freedom and liberation during Garvey’s day and the 60’s and 70’s.

Chief Kamara’s keynote address, which came next, was entitled “oneness is the key to building an African Nation.” He spoke of the longing of our people for relief from suffering and oppression having been that which called Marcus Garvey into existence. He pointed out the enemy’s use of religion to pacify us, making us more easily managed by the oppressor. He further spoke of the Moses of the scripture and how after all he did to liberate his people, that same people turned around and sold out the struggle that freed them. He talked about the leaders of Garvey’s day who opposed Garvey only to be brought to the realization that Garvey was right. With Minister Najee Muhammad, dressed in military black fatigues, posted beside him as he spoke, Chief Kamara delivered a well-received address, which both inspired and informed the listening audience.

Questions and answers followed the keynote address and concrete plans for moving the Black Struggle forward were laid out. The event ended in prayer and all who left went away knowing that there is a movement developing in the city of Atlanta to counter the negative influences that are destroying us daily.

For more information about The African Study Circle, The U.N.I.A-ACL (Div. 462), as well as upcoming events, call (404)-304-7598.

2 Responses to “LOCAL NEWS Atlanta, GA./GARVEY DAY A SUCCESS”

  1. Faruq Muhammad, Counsel General, UNIA-ACL Says:


    I come to you on behalf of the UNIA-ACL’S current President General,
    the Honorable Redman Battle.

    I just received the above article today and was pleased to see the kind of attention and support given to the spirit of Garveyism.

    We urge you and your readers to become informed, and whenever possible, become involved, with the NEW Global works taking place to restore Garveyism and put it BLACK on the front burner for the 21st Century. To often all our attention is focused upon what happened in the past and not what is going on today or being planned for tomorrow.

    I thank you for your attention to this missive and hope that those who heard the message are encouraged to do something about it.


    Faruq Muhammad
    Counsel General

  2. Senghor Jawara Baye UNIA-ACL 3rd Assistant President General Says:

    One God One Aim One Destiny,

    It is good to see the effects of the Whirlwind of Marcus Garvey manifesting in Atlanta. During the month of August many events took place around the world in honor of Garvey and the works of the UNIA-ACL for over 93 years. The UNIA-ACL from Garvey to our current President General Hon. Redman Battle 8th successor has the global black print we must continue to build for the 21st century Africans at home and abroad.

    The UNIA-ACL will be interfacing and participating with the Bring Back Black network, the MATTAH movement, NBAN, Blackonmics, Compro Tax, 10-10-50.org, Harambee Radio, Dudley Products, and other Black Nationalist/ PanAfrikanist in Kernville North Carolina between Oct. 11th thru Oct. 14th, 2007 at the Dudley Inn Conference Center 1800 Greensboro Road for a birth-giving convention of the National Black Leadership Council.

    Today the UNIA-ACL and Garvey’s legacy is in need of committed workers to join us in our efforts to re-establish our global race first confraternity and to continue to build on the legacies left us by our ancestors. The Whirlwind of Marcus Garvey is moving around the world and calling all of us to become more focused today. For more information on the UNIA-ACL visit http://www.unia-acl.org and http://www.myspace.com/unia_ldc or call us at 215-236-0782. For more info on the upcoming convention mentioned above call 404-622-1133. Let us work towards closing our ranks and building a practical and functional unity between us here in the usa and abroad.

    Up You Mighty Race We Can Accomplish What We Will !

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