President Obama is a tool in the hands of the whiteman against the rise of The Blackman. If one were to read the book “Forced Into Glory/Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream” by Lerone Bennett, one would see how either wickedly deceitful Mr. Obama is or how shamefully ignorant he is.

President Lincoln was a wicked, white racist, devil who cared absolutely nothing about the plight of Black People and tried desperately not to end slavery anywhere where it already existed and saught only to keep it from expanding into new territories. He made crystal clear his desire to never see equality of the races come to this country. If The President knows this, he is wickedly deceitful. If he does not know this, he is shamefuly ignorant!



  1. Tiffini Davis Says:

    Preach Brother Buddy!

  2. Stanley Montgomery Says:

    Abe Lincoln was a Racist, his beliefs are still embedded in today’s orderly operation of things such as Government, Society and Civil Rights. As Muslim’s we are instructed to be peaceful,We can only “fight those that fight us”. Therefore we must fight racist ignorance.

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