Minister Eric Muhammad of Temple 15


Eric Ture Muhammad

The above photo is of the Eric Muhammad commonly associated with Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad. He is from N.Y. Temple # 7. He is an entirely different person from our Minister here in Atlanta. Our Minister is from N.J. and not N.Y. as the bio on this page clearly says. One can not automatically assume that simply because a man’s name is “Eric Muhammad,” it must be the same “Eric Muhammad” spoken of in articles written about Dr. Khallid Muhammad.

12 Responses to “THE TWO ERIC MUHAMMADS”

  1. Sin Cerley Says:

    So Eric Muhammad (with the red bowtie isn’t connected to Brother Khalid?

    ohhh Please!

  2. noitemple15 Says:

    Sin Cerley Says:

    So Eric Muhammad (with the red bowtie isn’t connected to Brother Khalid?

    ohhh Please!


    Oh please what? The Eric Muhammad with the red bowtie is connected to Khallid Muhammad. No one said he isn’t. Louis Farrakhan is even more connected to Khallid Muhammad. So what?

    What is said is that the other Eric Muhammad is the one “COMMONLY ASSOCIATED” with Bro. Khallid. Our Eric Muhammad is associated/connected, but not the one “COMMONLY ASSOCIATED” with Bro. Khallid.

    Everyone assumes that because our Minister is named Eric Muhammad and is connected with Khallid Muhammad that it must be the same Eric Muhammad “COMMONLY ASSOCIATED” with Bro. Khallid.

    The point of this page is to make clear that this Eric Muhammad is an Eric Muhammad that is connected to Khallid Muhammad, but not the one “COMMONLY ASSOCIATED” with Bro. Khallid and accused of very questionable behavior at the funeral of Khallid Muhammad.

    Our Minister is not that Eric Muhammad, did not attend the funeral of Khallid Muhammad, and we wish to make this crystal clear for all to see.

  3. yusef shabazz Says:

    I dont care what you associate Eric Muhammad with,layoff of this brother,and for the record Im not a member of Temple 15,I might be standing right next to yo hypocritical butt,which is a good position to be in cause you dont know,where that flash of light came from,after you found yourself on the ground,when you speak lies and halftruths about this brother,or messenger Elijah Muhammad. Bro Eric represents what some of us have been looking for,in Noi culture for a long time,alot of these other ministers who stick to the pure message,arent as effective with communicating the teachings like this brother,you can tell he’s fasting,praying and studying. Eric Muhammad is performing an excorcism on naysayers and followers of so-called students of the Messenger,he is pullin up all these demons deep in your evil hearts,because you hate that the cover is being pulled of your black goat leader,because you love a watered down message,that gives you the opportunity to sweetheart with Satan and his world….

  4. yusef shabazz Says:

    Oh and lastly! Some of you point out that Bro Eric,doesnt have the numbers that farrakhan has,Farrakhan once spoke from living room,when he realized that Wallace was not good for him to follow,he had 10 or 15 followers,wearing some ugliest cheapest suits I ever seen in my life! It was the messengers teachings that got him to the level that you are so impressed about! What you think bro Eric looks like now is not what he will look like in the future,even the messenger started small when he seperated from those who would not except his messengership,anyone who practices this teaching will be rewarded with success so keep going bro Eric Muhammad,there are alot of us who are with you and will surface soon! You are in our prayers,so may the true and living God(Allah who came in the person of MasterFardMuhammad)protect you and your family,and the brothers and sisters of Temple 15. As-Salaam-Alaikum

  5. Mr. Lee X Slave Says:

    You Brothers are just bananas none of this in-fighting represents the teaching of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Remember my NEGROES acting family in the Holy Quran it says that “Allah made Us into tribes and families, so that We could know one another and love one another.” Their are over thirty million Asiatic’s in AmeriKKKa, utilize you effort in resurrecting them instead of condemning each other

  6. Mr. Lee X Slave Says:

    Where is your Temple located I have been in the Atl over 20 years I have not encounter you. I would like to hear your program.

  7. kevin2x Says:


  8. Mr. Lee X Slave Says:

    By the way I have been knowing Bro. Eric Ture Muhammad for over 25 years, he is a man of GOD.
    Where is your Temple located I have been in the Atl over 20 years I have not encountered you. I would like to hear your program.

  9. Garland Mack Says:

    I heard Minister Eric Muhammad speak for the first time on You Tube last week. From what I see so far the brother speaks the truth. I honor and respect the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, but I believe too many people under his leadership worship his personality-rather than truth and principles. When you find yourself bearing witness to truth only when a certain person speaks it -that’s personality worship. Truth is truth no matter who speaks it. I do know for a fact that sincere help had been rejected in the NOI under the Minister.

    • Mr. Lee X Slave Says:

      Bro . Garland you are right when you spoke about truth and wisdom. As with all organizations, there will be folks caught up, woe are the. The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan admonishes those under His leadership to be mindful of Allah first and for most.

      To Brother Min. Eric Muhammad,
      Where is your Temple located I have been in the Atl over 20 years I have not encountered you. I would like to hear your program, in person.

      no disrespect intended.

  10. Abacua Says:

    thanks for clarifying that. i saw brother eric ture muhammad speaking passionately and honestly about the need for accountability within our organizations. his speech intrigued me and i wanted to know nore about him. unfortunately, i was thrown into the two eric muhammad confusion when trying to find more about him. luckily, i was persistent and have learned about the BAHC.

    As for that sub-person that came making threats of violence, we would be wise to turn black devils over to white devils and let them see just how inferior they are in devil hierarchy. let devils deal with devils.

  11. Morning Star Says:

    the people suffer most because of all of this constant bickering. YACUB HAS DONE HIS JOB WELL!

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