1. Sha'Allah Shabazz Says:

    95% of the Nation of Islam today is populated by The MGT and G.C.C. Bunch of scared to death cowards in the name of Muhammad. Case in point; you can’t do a google search of the names Master Fard Muhammad(TWPIDF) or Elijah Muhammad without seeing some red henna wearing nigger or some so-called revolutionary monkey saying something belligerent about the Savior and the Lamb. And how do we respond? NOTHING!!! Everyone and their grandmother takes a shot at us and we don’t do jack but complain like the bitches most of you are! You aint ish! All you do is talk blah blah blah blah my conference call or my farm project or “there are no on-line degrees in the ministry” yea I’m talking about you; you fat pathetic excuse for a Muslim. Talk while everyone is attacking our Nation, talk while everyone is raping our communities but we do nothing! Talk! That’s it, Talk! Bunch of grown men sitting on a conference call back biting Minister Eric. Again more talk! Muslim children in public school but still ALL WE DO IS TALK!!!! Why is it that a young man such as myself should be doing a job that should have been done 30 years ago? Because you aint ish! All you are is a bunch of lip proffesing fagots who aint got enough heart to fight for what you believe in! You fear death, you fear prison, ultimately you fear the devil! Don’t give me that ASA stuff you aint no real Muslim “A coward Muslim is not a Muslim”. Here you have a hand full of brothers who have decided to FIGHT FOR YOUR NATION FIGHT FOR YOUR OWN! And all you niggers do is backbite and do nothing!!!!! You got a lot of nerve talking about Farrakhan and you don’t do ish but run your mouth and sit fat lazy ass on a couch and watch Lebron get his first ring. Minister Eric bangs hard on the devils and hypocrites every Sunday and you don nothing! You know why? Because he is a man of principle!! Soldiers kill, Soldiers die! Soldiers break things, Soldiers take over communities and make them an example of right conduct! You fear men the way you should fear ALLAH! YOU and you 13 hours a day on facebook talking about ALL kinds of ISH that isn’t relevant. MOST of you with your bean soup science and the rest of you talking about THE GOOD OLD DAYS! YOU AINT ISH!!! Your luck I don’t have access to a country because if I did I would put all you good for nothing NIGGERS in a concentration camp and do like the Messenger said he would do the Hindu. Take an airplane and blow all of you up! To hell with you ALL!!

    P.S You don’t like me or brother Eric because we’re not diplomatic? Was Malcolm diplomatic? Was James Shabazz diplomatic? Was The Holy Apostle diplomatic? If you don’t have the courage to teach the truth without fear of what people are going to think about you, than you are not worthy to represent Muhammad!

  2. David X Thomas Says:

    I live down by Savannah and there is no Temple only a study group. Where can I get more info on the literature the brother presented in his lecture?
    David X

  3. Mordecai_7 Says:



    Dear Reader:
    Speaking of Death Dealing Teachings, it should not be forgotten that Minister Farrakhan was an Imam for Wallace in 1976…

    Take a close look at the photo on the left. You see Minister Louis Farrakhan in that photo wearing a Fez like that of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him), The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah.

    What is the True significance of this Fez ??? What does it REALLY mean ???

    First: In all of the books and writings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH), he never identified himself as Jesus. The most compelling description he gave of himself was that of the woman in the 12th chapter of Revelations , who wore a crown of 12-stars. The fez of 12-stars worn by The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah in his lifetime was symbolic of this crown.

    Second: In the book Our Savior Has Arrived, p. 34, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “This is Mary.” He was referring to himself. Why was he referring to himself??? Because during his lifetime he taught us that he was the LAST APOSTLE OF GOD. In The book Message To The Blackman, In America, p. 12, THEM (PBUH) tells us that Mary was the LAST APOSTLE OF GOD. He even gave us proof that he was Mary when he pointed out that the Woman in Revelations 12:2 wore a CROWN OF 12 STARS UPON HER HEAD. The fez of 12-stars that The Hon. Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) wore upon his head during his lifetime was SYMBOLIC of the CROWN UPON HER HEAD,or that MARY who gave birth to that MUHAMMAD described in How To Eat To Live, Book II. Compare Jeremiah 30:6, which tells of “the woman in travail, pained to be delivered” (of her child).

    Third: In the book How To Eat To Live, II The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) told us somewhere between p.46-48 that; “No person of the evil world knew the birth of MUHAMMAD but the parents Joseph & Mary.” This is why Minister Farrakhan started calling himself Louis Farrakhan-Muhammad for a time and then discontinued when he started saying that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the Exalted Christ.

    This shows us that the Fez of 12-Stars worn by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (PBUH) during his life time was an indicator of his scriptural and spiritual identity as Mary of the Book. The fact that Minister Farrakhan has taken it upon himself to also wear that Fez is solid proof that he (Minister Farrakhan) IS AN IMPOSTOR. Farrakhan IS NOT MARY OF THE BOOK.

    Do you see the Truth of this ??? Can you accept the Truth of this ???

    If so, this brings us to another point…

    With The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah being Mary of the Book, it is impossible for him to be Farrakhan’s Exalted Christ. Surely, as Mary, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad DID NOT GIVE BIRTH TO HIMSELF.

    WHAT WE HAVE HERE IS A VERY COMPLEX CASE OF FRAUD. Do any of you Truly think that if The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) were still ALIVE that he would not be in our presence today as The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah ???

    Minister Farrakhan says that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (PBUH) is ALIVE and IN HIDING SOMEWHERE WAITING TO RETURN.

    Think over this for a moment, if you will.

    Farrakhan claims to be the National Representative of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (PBUH) whom he (Farrakhan) calls the Exalted Christ. This is not unlike the Popes of the Catholic Church who claim to be “representatives” standing in place of Jesus Christ here on Earth until he (Jesus of 2,000 years ago) returns. Minister Farrakhan is therefore telling essentially the same lie that the Popes have been telling for the past 2,000 years. He has given you the Christian doctrine of the resurrection of Jesus under the cover of the religion of Islam as taught by The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah.

    Is Minister Farrakhan like an Islamic Pope ???

    You decide.


    (You can find this post with photos at Assata Shakur/forums under Islamic NGE.)

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