1. John Says:

    How long before the white man’s world is completely destroyed or eliminated? Things are getting worse. Obama, the first “gay president”? The weather is even out of order. The whole world is out of order. How long before this white man gets a real serious beating?

  2. Ibrahim Says:

    I feel the same way.It’s our time to rule take the head off the devils!!!!!!!

  3. Sha'Allah Shabazz Says:

    I have known this brother for approximately 3 years, and I have been a member of Temple 15 for a year. This brother is not perfect-NONE OF US ARE (you self righteous hypocrites!)- but I don’t know anything immoral about this man outside of a few four lettered words here and there. A charge which he is FAAAARRR less guilty of than I am! This brother is a man of integrity, a man who respects the NOI protocol and law more than 99% of the Muslims that I have met in my life; word is bond to MFM! You don’t like his preaching style? Ok. You don’t like the way he handled you? Fine. But how does that give you the right to outright slander him and lie on him and then have the unmitigated audacity to purvey yourselves as some example of Muslim conduct. Brother Eric has more Islam in him than 99% of you and I am not saying that because he’s my brother and I love him I am saying that because Islam is MATHEMATICS! This man has trained me to be the Muslim that I am today-which is light years from the Muslim I was this time last year. The training I received from this soldier for Muhammad is far superior to anything I received from Minister Farrkhan’s camp- again that’s not personal, that’s mathematics. The shame of it is that Brother Eric has never attacked Minister Farrakhan’s person he has attacked his theology. Any personal offense is collateral damage not the primary target. Yet in still rather than keep it theological; Negros get personal and shoot there empty threats. Cast your rod if you have the superior position, if not shut up!! Slander and gossip is FORBIDDEN! Your conduct is deplorable and it would not be accepted by Messenger Elijah Muhammad! This discipline of the followers in the old days “staggered the imagination” while today we are an embarrassment. Again, if you have the better argument than present it other than than shut up and sit down! Maybe you don’t know Muhammad the way you though you did! If you think the brother’s demeanor is inappropriate. That is fine, I nor he has a problem with that. Even he will tell you he can do better in that department but I don’t care how much his style rubs you the wrong way; NONE OF YOU have the right to slander this brother! Especially if you are a female! NO WOMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO DISRESPECT A MAN! GET IN LINE SISTER!! P.S the brother was not on front rostrum post, that is why he got up to get a drink. He opened up for Bro Eric DUH!!
    Salaam Alaikum. I pray Allah we grow up one day and actually build

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