MUHAMMAD’S Temple 15 is the Atlanta Temple of The Nation Of Islam, under the leadership of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Our Minister is Minister Eric Muhammad. Minister Eric Muhammad is a former Minister of Louis Farrakhan. He joined Louis Farrakhan’s organization in May of 1983. He went on to become an Assistant Minister under Minister keith Muhammad in 1985. He later became a Minister in 1991. He was exiled from Louis Farrakhan’s organization in May of 1996 for refusing Louis Farrakhan’s order to disassociate himself from Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad. From May of 1996 until August of 2000 he remained inactive in so far as the ministry is concerned, but remained a practicing Muslim. Since August of 2000 he has attempted to work in unity with several previously established Temples of Islam under the leadership of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. In November of 2003 he settled down to the work of establishing a Temple of Islam here in Atlanta, Ga. Allthough MUHAMMAD’S TEMPLE 15 enjoys friendly relations with other Temples of Islam under the leadership of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, MUHAMMAD’S TEMPLE 15 is an independent Temple and is not affiliated with any other Temples at this time. We hope you will take time to learn more about our work on behalf of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and we invite you to join with us in that work. If you would like to help us to establish a Muhammad’s Temple Of Islam in your area, you may contact us at the number below. We look forward to hearing from you.




25 Responses to “MUHAMMAD’S TEMPLE 15”

  1. Muhammad Rahim Says:

    As-Salaam Alaikum,

    Dear Bro. Eric,
    This is Bro. Muhammad from Newark, NJ. The electrician and tape dept. brother under Min. Khadir. I also went on to get my pilot’s license back in 1999 as you can tell in my email address.

    Bro. Eric, It’s good to see you again after twenty something years. I remember you and your cousin in the mosque when I came back in 1986. We were on Broad St. Remember those days?…

    Back in the 70’s when I was in the university of Islam #25, My late brother Joe 5X was a classmate of Min. Keith Muhammad.

    I am writing this because I just found out about your Temple and your mission on youtube. I love you my brother, that’s why I’m reaching out to tell you that you are wrong. You have fallen way off track with regard to The Hon. Min. Farrakhan! Yes you are right….The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad IS the Leader of the Nation of Islam and always will be….AND Min. Farrakhan IS the one that Allah has raised to guide us in His absence. PERIOD. Not Bro. Khallid, Not Imam Mohammad, Not Salis and
    Not You……

    I’ve always respected you and Min. Keith and I still do, but you are simply wrong. AND unless The Hon. Elijah Muhammad return and says otherwise…..I’M STICKING WITH FARRAKHAN!

    May Allah bless you and us all
    Your Brother
    Muhammad Rahim

  2. Muhammad Rahim Says:

    And I’ll say one more thing to all of you so-called “death angels”, you need to stop your foolishness. You can’t do any harm to this brother unless Allah permit it! Why are we so stupid to fall into the same traps that we have before? It makes me sick to see that all we want to do is fight and kill each other when we disagree! Like The Hon. Elijah Muhammad said of Malcolm, Leave him alone!!!

    Although I disagree with Bro. Eric, I recognize his right to voice his opinion on Min. Farrakhan. None of us should be threatening him or those with him or even wishing for harm to come to him! This is stupid. Allah is God….He guides whom He pleases and chastises who He please.

    You better be careful that you don’t call those “death angels on yourself”!!!

  3. noitemple15 Says:

    As Salaam Alaikum Soldier!

    Stop that defending Minister Farrakhan! LOL! I’m just messing with you. We can argue about Farrakhan anytime. I haven’t seen or heard from you in 2 decades. LOL! Give your brother a call and let’s kick it bout the old days.


  4. Muhammad Rahim Says:

    Well Bro. Eric, Like I said, you are entitled to your opinion BUT the foul and disrespectful language that I read here, that you use toward the Minister has really shown me your level of sickness! I guess you’ve been through alot in the 2 decades since we last talked. No matter whether you feel he’s right or wrong, I’m really shocked and appalled at your words!!!

    Min. Farrakhan is not a “bastard” , “nigguh” and some of the other terms you used. I think all the name calling should stop! It’s childish to say the least.

    So with that said……..I don’t think I’ll be calling you to chat about the good old days in Newark. Because if you used those terms in reference to Min. Farrakhan while we were on the phone………. You’d quickly get a busy tone!

    I’ll continue to check your website and it’s contents now that I happened to just stumble upon it (I was actually looking at something else when I found you on youtube).

    May Allah heal your heart from the poison that afflicts you.
    Your Brother

  5. Genna Muhammad Says:

    Eric, why the foolishness and separatism from the true NOI?? You and all others know that Bro. Minister Louis Farrakhan is the only real and true leader and teacher. Why the controversy?? You know that you don’t have an original Mosque #15 in Atlanta; Bro. Sharrieff is our local representative and the REAL Atlanta Muhammad’s Holy Temple is 3642 Campbellton Rd. (for the record)…You need to stop the adversity and get with the new. Bro. Khalid is long gone and any differences that you had way back then should be resolved unless you were a rotten fruit – to the core! Oh Bro. in Islam, you obviously don’t understand the crucial times that we are in. Why division when we finally have a Black Man running the country. Don’t you understand who this man is – A Black Original man coming from the East onto the West so shall the coming of the son of Man. READ!
    I think you are just another imposter, like those who attempted to kill Bro. Khalid…Bro. I was there when the Big Bro. was shot, in Riverside, back in the day! Are you affiliated with those who shot Bro. Malcolm???? What can we expect of death angels such as yourself and those who are plants in the Nation? Your ugly spirt will not prevail, neither will your lies and slander – there’s always one, seems to be, every decade, the division posters re-surface: First, Elijah and Malcolm; then Farrakhan and Khalid, now this. You must be an agent!!!!!! STOP It, Just cut it out!

  6. Quincy X Says:

    Genna Muhammad wrote: “””Why division when we finally have a Black Man running the country. Don’t you understand who this man is – A Black Original man coming from the East onto the West so shall the coming of the son of Man. READ!”””


  7. Mordecai_7 Says:

    Dont insult the sister that way, brother…

  8. Bro. Daudi Says:

    As Salaam Alaikum Bro. Eric,

    I am a registered Muslim who reverted to Islam at Mosque 27 under Min. Ava and Min. Wazir Muhammad WRM at that time. Where is your Mosque located. I am in the Atlanta area. Is it true that you also believe that the Messenger is still alive? If so, why start a Temple to teach that Bernard Cushmere foolishness? If not, please let me know the Temple address and meeting hours. Two pm, I pressume.


    • Mordecai_7 Says:

      Bro. Eric Muhammad runs an “independent” Mosque. It is for his personal security. you will not visit him. Too many brothers in the faith have more alliegence to Minister Farrakhan than they do to the TRUTH, which is Allah. They are incapable of analyzing TRUTH objectivey without letting their personal feelings get in the way.

  9. alphonso Says:

    watch this.

  10. Jackson Says:

    is it possible that the wives of elijah muhammad was a plot to discredit elijah and in fact he had only one wife. since wallace was the one who told malcolm and we all know wallace cant be trusted. i am interested in hearing your opinion eric muhammad.

  11. shawn sellers Says:

    as-salaam aliakum bro.and sis. my name is bro. saleem al-aziz i just recently hard the bro.min.eric muhammad teach , as far as i heard he teaches right and exact,i here alot of hostelity at this bro. majority followers under min.louis farrakhan i mean is it that our people just cant take that someone just dont agry with min. farrakhan or is it somethin im missing out on somebody tell me im listening

  12. shawn sellers Says:


  13. asar garvey Says:

    I love your videos and hope to come to a meeting when i come to atlanta, keep up the great work minister muhammad.

  14. sapawin hanwi Says:

    i seek a mosque to joi so i am studying the hadith ad koran but listenig to different minister i am confuse because they do not seem to agree on elijah muhamaad teaching is there a mosque teaching th true teaching

  15. sapawin hanwi Says:

    are there any books i can read besides what i read and have read:
    message to the black man how to eat to live these i read seek knowledge and truth as to who i am and what is going on, o the journey i am taking(all praise be to allah)

  16. sapawin hanwi Says:

    i see a division as with jim crowe except white people are not doing the dividing we are(blacks) i truly desire to join my own for the time i have left this has been a lifelong journey since my eyes and ears were opened at age 12 by a brother charlesx i need sincere assistance ad guidance i do see so i will se what is not real based on the limitted knowedledge i have obtained thru reading ad attending mosque

  17. sapawin hanwi Says:

    salkum sallam brothers and sister i wish to thank you i advance for reply

  18. Mordecai_7 Says:



    Dear Reader:
    Take a close look at the photo on the left. You see Minister Louis Farrakhan in that photo wearing a Fez like that of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him), The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah.

    What is the True significance of this Fez ??? What does it REALLY mean ???

    First: In all of the books and writings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH), he never identified himself as Jesus. The most compelling description he gave of himself was that of the woman in the 12th chapter of Revelations , who wore a crown of 12-stars. The fez of 12-stars worn by The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah in his lifetime was symbolic of this crown.

    Second: In the book Our Savior Has Arrived, p. 34, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “This is Mary.” He was referring to himself. Why was he referring to himself??? Because during his lifetime he taught us that he was the LAST APOSTLE OF GOD. In The book Message To The Blackman, In America, p. 12, THEM (PBUH) tells us that Mary was the LAST APOSTLE OF GOD. He even gave us proof that he was Mary when he pointed out that the Woman in Revelations 12:2 wore a CROWN OF 12 STARS UPON HER HEAD. The fez of 12-stars that The Hon. Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) wore upon his head during his lifetime was SYMBOLIC of the CROWN UPON HER HEAD,or that MARY who gave birth to that MUHAMMAD described in How To Eat To Live, Book II. Compare Jeremiah 30:6, which tells of “the woman in travail, pained to be delivered” (of her child).

    Third: In the book How To Eat To Live, II The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) told us somewhere between p.46-48 that; “No person of the evil world knew the birth of MUHAMMAD but the parents Joseph & Mary.” This is why Minister Farrakhan started calling himself Louis Farrakhan-Muhammad for a time and then discontinued when he started saying that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the Exalted Christ.

    This shows us that the Fez of 12-Stars worn by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (PBUH) during his life time was an indicator of his scriptural and spiritual identity as Mary of the Book. The fact that Minister Farrakhan has taken it upon himself to also wear that Fez is solid proof that he (Minister Farrakhan) IS AN IMPOSTOR. Farrakhan IS NOT MARY OF THE BOOK.

    Do you see the Truth of this ??? Can you accept the Truth of this ???

    If so, this brings us to another point…

    With The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah being Mary of the Book, it is impossible for him to be Farrakhan’s Exalted Christ. Surely, as Mary, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad DID NOT GIVE BIRTH TO HIMSELF.

    WHAT WE HAVE HERE IS A VERY COMPLEX CASE OF FRAUD. Do any of you Truly think that if The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) were still ALIVE that he would not be in our presence today as The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah ???

    Minister Farrakhan says that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (PBUH) is ALIVE and IN HIDING SOMEWHERE WAITING TO RETURN.

    Think over this for a moment, if you will.

    Farrakhan claims to be the National Representative of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (PBUH) whom he (Farrakhan) calls the Exalted Christ. This is not unlike the Popes of the Catholic Church who claim to be “representatives” standing in place of Jesus Christ here on Earth until he (Jesus of 2,000 years ago) returns. Minister Farrakhan is therefore telling essentially the same lie that the Popes have been telling for the past 2,000 years. He has given you the Christian doctrine of the resurrection of Jesus under the cover of the religion of Islam as taught by The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah.

    Is Minister Farrakhan like an Islamic Pope ???

    You decide.


    (You can find this post with photos at Assata Shakur/forums under Islamic NGE.)

  19. Shamir Says:

    Bro. Eric I enjoy listening to you, however you hate nationalists like myself, that’s very hurtful, THEM tried to unite us as a people. click on his speech “separate or die:

    I love to listen to you and Min Farrakhan, but I always go to the source. I plan on visiting your temple in the future, I hope this RBG Ankh wearing Garveyite will be allowed to come in… Salaam

  20. Shamir Says:

    Another infidel and supporter of the NOI is mater teacher Bobby Hemmitt, Elijah Muhammad said his best followers are not in the mosque but in the street. This video is talking about the mothership and he tells the viewer to join the nation. I hope you will see in your heart to stop repelling supporters of the nation like myself.

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